From the beginning of our existence, we specialise in the transport of liquid substances in bulk in tank trucks. We are able to meet any challenge in the field of international transport and satisfy the most demanding customers.

The trucks used in our company are driven by experienced drivers. Constant telephone contact and GPS system monitoring guarantee efficient customer service and cargo control at any moment. We offer our clients a professional fleet as well as reliable carriers. Many years of experience of logistics staff and ideal cooperation with business partners result in low transport costs for the customer providing equally timeliness of deliveries and the highest service standards in the field of transport.

By modern fleet means truck tractors e.g. EURO 5 and insulated cisterns with self-contained heating, one and multi-chamber, with capacity up to 34 thousand liters, equipped with compressors facilitating unloading, cleaning certificates from prestigious ECD car washes in the country and Europe. Civil liability insurance for EUR 500,000 with the extension of a numerous of Clauses provide full protection of the goods during transport.


Photos from route

Team / means of transport


  • Head of the forwarding department:
  • Paulina Pieróg
  • Tel.: +48 660 944 035
  • Email:
  • Trans id: 673215-2
  • Skype: Paulina Pieróg Tabun
  • Forwarder:
  • Daniel Świątek
  • Tel.: +48 514 493 144
  • Email:
  • Trans id: 673215-5
  • Skype: Daniel Świątek Tabun
  • Forwarder:
  • Natalia Kobylańska
  • Tel.: +48 780115234
  • Email:
  • Trans id:673215-7
  • Skype: Natalia Kobylańska Tabun
  • Forwarder:
  • Katarzyna Wolak
  • Tel.: +48 510124706
  • Email:
  • Trans id: 673215-8
  • Skype: Katarzyna Wolak -Tabun
  • Chead of the company:
  • Filip Wiecek
  • Tel.: +48 600 344 655
  • Email:
  • Trans id: 673215-6
  • Skype: Filip Wiecek Tabun
  • Transport documentation:
  • Katarzyna Wolak
  • Email:
  • Skype: Katarzyna Wolak Tabun

General terms and conditions for the carriers

General Terms and Conditions for the clients

General Terms and Conditions of Cooperation

Please be advised that by commissioning our company transport organization

You confirm the following terms of cooperation

Contractual penalties in the event of failure of the Employer to comply with the Transport Agreement;
  • 1. Order cancellation less than 24 hours before the planned loading Penalty of 50% of freight value
  • 2. Order cancellation at the moment when the set is on the place of loading Penalty up to 100% freight value not less than 50%

The provisions of the Civil Code dealing with liability for non-performance of obligations (Article 471 in conjunction with Article 361 § 2 of the Civil Code) apply.

In this situation, when the order is canceled, not through the fault of the carrier, we are dealing with the improper performance or non-performance of the contract by the client. In connection with the above, such a contractor complies with the rules resulting from the Civil Code and is obliged to repair the damage to the carrier

Stops on loading / unloading and SENT system
  • a) for transports carried out in domestic traffic: - for transports carried out in tanks: for each started hour over 4 hours free for loading / unloading, 70 PLN, but no more than PLN 1500 per night of parking. Saturday + Sundays and holidays are included in the stop
  • b) for transports made in international traffic: - for transports carried out in tanks: for each started hour over 4 hours free for loading / unloading, EUR 36, but no more than EUR 360 per night of parking. Saturday + Sundays and holidays are included in the stop
  • c) the price of the freight includes the costs of car washes and disposal of residues up to 30 kg, all additional costs are re-invoiced to the client
  • The Ordering Party bears all the costs of organizing the Transport Convey imposed by the customs and tax authorities of the Republic of Poland.
  • d) Parking time includes the time of waiting for the issue of documents / analysis / notification of SENT and all other procedures for which the sender / recipient of the goods or ordering transport is responsible
  • e) The order must contain the exact delivery address + GPS of the place of loading / unloading
  • f) the above arrangements are binding on all Transport / forwarding orders and do not require a signature and each confirmation - they are binding from the moment of taking the load

Applies to clients and contractors of transport / forwarding services

The Polish law applies to contracts and all other legal relations with Tabun Filip Więcek. Disputes arising from these agreements or other legal relationships will be recognized by a common court competent for the seat of Tabun Filip Więcek based on Polish law

We declare that we do not accept additional points in Transport / Forwarding orders regarding the broadly understood prohibition of contact with the client, the prohibition of competition and imposing contractual penalties on the Contractor for its violation.

Please be advised that all provisions going beyond the substantive provisions of the Transport Agreement, in particular those that have a financial aspect, including contractual penalties, must always be accepted in writing by TABUN Filip Więcek.