10 years of the company

This year our company celebrated its 10th anniversary. The firm was created in 2012 by our boss Filip together with his wife Dorota 🙂 Later, Paulina, our manager and freight forwarding specialist, joined the business. The next employee was Daniel, a freight forwarder, and DGSA advisor. Then Kasia, a documentation specialist, joined the team. In the following years, the team expanded with Natalia, a forwarder in tanker transport, Anna, a forwarder and specialist in tarpaulin transport, Adrian, a transport expert, Magda and Monika, experts in documentation and invoicing, and Patrycja, a new forwarder in the tanker transport department.

The company has grown over 10 years and still has no intention of resting on its laurels. We have completed countless projects, orders and tasks that have required hard work, but through this we are achieving success in our field.

To celebrate this special occasion, the company’s employees organized a little surprise for their bosses. As a way of thanking them for the years of cooperation, motivation and development opportunities, we handed over a congratulatory statuette, a delicious cake, an album with memories of the company’s decade of activities, and everything was crowned with a glass of champagne 🙂

We wish the next years full of success, development, satisfaction, and prosperity in life. We have no doubt that the company will achieve great success in the future!

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